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Brand Evolution with Canada Life Investments

We asked Amber Bates, Head of Marketing at Canada Life investments about our ongoing work together on their brand evolution, now featured on our new website.

The refreshed vibrant visual identity for Canada Life Investments.

The refreshed vibrant visual identity for Canada Life Investments.

As a marketing expert, what do you look for when outsourcing a brand designer?

One of the main things I look for when looking for a brand designer is their ability to understand different audiences and the different types of platforms they consume information on. When initially coming up with a concept, I expect them to acknowledge the breadth and versatility needed for those designs to stretch across multiple platforms.

What aspect of brand evolution do you find the most valuable?

Personally, I think it’s important that a brand goes on a journey, moving all the time, so it must stand out. It must be tweaked and refreshed to keep up to date with current creative trends to meet audience design expectations depending on their demographic. This allows your market to grow and stay continually with you without them knowing they’re doing it. Stay still too long and people get bored very quickly and they move on to someone else who looks visually appealing. 

How has the evolution of the brand influenced your business?

Evolving the brand has allowed us to provide clearer differentiation across the different markets we serve, making content for them more relevant, beneficial and thus leading to greater interaction and engagement.

What have you enjoyed most about working with us?

Working with Jed Harrison Design has been an honest working relationship and a real joint effort. There has been an understanding from the offset of how we felt and where we wanted to move with the brand and how far. They work in a very responsive manner and are committed on all pieces of work. They are also patient and understanding on internal timings and the process needed to get things signed off. 

What were the challenges and how have they been met?

Our challenge was translating internal and external feedback on the brand and communicating what, how much and how far we wanted to make changes. Keeping our core brand look and feel still at the heart of it. We were very happy with results after being presented with a plethora of ideas, all of which could have worked. We decided collectively on what felt the right one to go with right now and what we could move towards. We believe we found the right balance and are still rolling the changes out across all of our channels. Internal feedback has been positive so far!

Amber Bates, Head of Marketing
Canada Life Investments

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